Film for greenhouses

What is the film for greenhouses?

Before the start of the season, many people who own private houses or suburban areas are rushing to prepare for it. In this case, we are talking about repairing garden tools, as well as buying all the necessary materials. A film for greenhouses, in this case is no exception. The fact is that the greenhouse film is used in the process of covering the greenhouses, as well as the greenhouses. In addition, it can be used to mulch the soil. It is extremely important that this material for greenhouses and greenhouses is distinguished by high quality of production. Otherwise, there is a possibility that the crop will be lost.

Over the past few years, the domestic market has a fairly large number of materials that have completely different quality. Unfortunately, the cost is far from always determining factor in the issue of reliability, as well as strength. Therefore it is extremely important to buy exactly the material that could prove itself from the positive side.

Features and characteristics of materials

Купить пленку для теплицы в УкраинеBefore you buy a film for the greenhouse, you need to determine the variety of greenhouses. Next, you need to understand what are the properties of materials on the market and as a consequence, choose the one that fully meets the requirements.

  • polyethylene greenhouse film. It is worth saying that the greenhouse film of this species is one of the most common materials. The hothouse film is produced in special rolls, the width of which varies from one to three meters. The polyethylene film differs by transparency and as a consequence, it transmits the sun’s rays. These features contribute to the fact that the material is suitable for most greenhouses. The only drawback that a polyethylene film has is the possibility of surface destruction under the influence of ultraviolet rays and temperature. As a rule, it only lasts one season.
  • reinforced material. The canvas of the hothouse film (up to 3 m) is convenient enough to use. According to its characteristics, the reinforced film is a polyethylene-type material with a frame. It is he who takes on absolutely all the load. When choosing this material it is necessary to pay attention to the thickness, as well as the density.
  • polyvinyl chloride film. PVC material is one of the best. In this case, it is largely inferior to others, according to such a criterion as price. Cheap to buy it will not work. In appearance, the film roll is similar to cellophane. Its width is 6 m. According to its characteristics, the material is characterized by a high degree of transparency, which allows penetration of ultraviolet rays and does not transmit infrared rays.

The domestic market also has a multi-year film. Materials of this type include stabilized, hydrophilic, light-converting, and also antistatic.

Where to buy a film for a greenhouse in Eastern Europe?

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