Strawberry film

What is a strawberry film?

It is difficult to find someone who does not like strawberries. That is why, at almost every country site you can always find at least a few beds, where these amazing berries are grown. To grow strawberries, people do not spare either their time or energy. It is worth saying that the process of growing this berry is quite a profitable occupation. Properly courting the plantation, it is possible to get about 20 tons of fruit per hectare. In turn, in order for the process of growing strawberries to be effective it is necessary to know all the characteristics of care for the crop.

Film for strawberry

An important role for the planting of raspberries and strawberries is played by the soil. If it is fruitful for berries, the quality of the crop will also be appropriate. In this case, under the influence of rain, sunlight and wind, the soil can be destroyed. As a consequence, for garden plots, this can be a serious problem that contributes to crop loss. It should be noted that in order to preserve the integrity of the whole soil structure, as well as to protect it from weeds, it is necessary to use a special canvas for beds. Covering black polyethylene material intended for growing strawberries, will in this case be a correct and effective solution in order not to lose a crop.

What kind of film for planting strawberries happens?

In the event that it is necessary to buy a covering polyethylene material, then it should be approached as selectively as possible. It should be said that the film for raspberries and strawberries is selected in accordance with the requirements for the terms in which the process of growing berries occurs. A specialized film is used for this culture.

Black weed film priceThe domestic market offers a wide selection of films that differ in their characteristics. It should be said that the thickness, density, weight and dimensions of this material, as well as the manufacturer, may differ. As a consequence, berries under the film, depending on its characteristics, can also grow quite differently. So, the products of Chinese manufacturing companies, as a rule, have a service life of 3 years. However, there are also situations when the declared operational period is not true. In the event that you need a film for strawberries, experts recommend that you purchase materials that were produced by well-established companies.

The color of the material greatly influences the process of fetal growth. Years of experience have been able to determine that it is the black strawberry film that is one of the best for use, since it allows to fully warm the soil and helps to ensure that the harvest is early.

Where to buy strawberries in Ukraine?

If you need to buy inexpensively a strawberry film in the city of Bucharest, Vienna, Budapest, Warsaw, Prague, Belgrade, Krakow, Lodz, Wroclaw, then the choice in favor of the products of the company “Novis” is the right decision. The manufacturer has its own production, which allows producing high-quality black covering material for the fields and beds, which allows the growth of strawberries.

Black weed film sold by the company has the following advantages:

  • affordable cost;
  • possibility to order in bulk (including large wholesale);
  • durability of the material.

To date, the company uses non-waste production. Thus, the production process does not violate the ecological situation. Weed film is manufactured using functional production equipment. Contacting the manager of the company, there is an opportunity to find out the price of the covering material black from weeds, and also how its production takes place.

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