Packages for metalware packing

Пакеты для метизов All kinds of nails, bolts, screws and washers are widely used in assembly, repair or construction. It should be noted that after the production of fastening elements of this type, there is a need for their packaging, for the purpose of further implementation. In order to ensure reliable packaging, specialized hermetic polyethylene products are used. The use of such materials ensures the possibility of the correct storage of metal products, as well as their transportation. Due to the fact that the packages for packing hardware are reliable and durable, they protect fasteners from damage, as well as moisture and as a result, the appearance of corrosion.

Varieties of packages for storing metalware

For today, the packages intended for hardware are made of strong polyethylene material. Their dimensions may differ from each other, depending on the specific fastening element, as well as the number of hardware in the package. For example, with the same number of screws and bolts, the size of the package is different. First of all, the size of the nail bags and the self-tapping bags correspond to the dimensions of the hardware itself. Similarly, you can say about the packages for screws, bags for washers or packs for screws. In turn, packages for bolts on the contrary, can be suitable for storing screws.

Where to buy packages for various fasteners?

The company “Novis” offers its customers the manufacture and sale of packaging for bolts, nails, screws, washers or other types of hardware. We can easily find and purchase packaging for various fasteners, including packs for nuts of excellent quality.

It is inexpensive to purchase polyethylene products in the company Novis. The company produces and sells goods of this type, both large wholesale and retail. Among the main advantages of the products are:

  • wear resistance of the package;
  • providing full protection of hardware;
  • the possibility of sending goods across Poland and Eastern Europe (Warsaw, Krakow, Lodz, Wroclaw and other cities);
  • providing competent advice.

How to place an order for a purchase?

In order to buy cheap packages for metalware packing, the customer of “Novis” needs to contact by phone with the manager and place an order. A competent expert will tell you about the cost of various types of packages.

Manufacturer – the company  “Novis” is a profitable solution, in the issue of purchasing packaging materials.

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