Organic bags of starch

57836b117a0c1f8933af195b_Bilder_BIOPLAST300-p-1080x675Without packaging materials made from polymer materials, today it is impossible to imagine any sphere of human activity. Widely used for the production of packaging polyethylene and polyvinyl chloride is a great danger to the environment – the period of decomposition of polyethylene in the soil can reach 300 years, which, with today’s volume of production, can lead to an ecological catastrophe in the near future.

The solution of the problem are biodegradable materials that under natural conditions are destroyed in a few months and significantly exceed the polyethylene products by their physico-mechanical characteristics. And most importantly, biobags can simply be buried in the ground, where they completely decompose under the influence of the environment to absolutely safe for humans and for nature substances: water, carbon dioxide, humus. These include organic bags of starch, which are offered by the production factory of plastic bags “Novis”. We produce bags of any standard sizes to order, which, combined with high performance properties of biodegradable material, makes it possible to use bags for packaging absolutely any product.

It should be noted that in many countries there are already significant restrictions on the use of plastic bags. For example, in San Francisco, they are not used in large supermarkets and pharmacies, and in Tanzania it is prohibited not only the production of polyethylene packaging, but also its importation into the country.

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What are the advantages of biodegradable bags?

6f8955a84972058388cb533366f9491eBiobags made from starch are safe for human health, and according to technologists, such bag can be safely consumed. The scope of ecobags is extremely wide. The most widespread bags from starch were obtained in the food industry – they can be used to pack absolutely any products, ensuring their safety for a long period of time.

As the main raw material for the production of biodegradable bags, granules made from potato starch are used. In comparison with polyethylene packaging, environmental packages have a number of advantages:

  • have a twice lower oxygen permeability, which makes them an ideal package for frozen foods;
  • organic packaging is more elastic and very soft to the touch;
  • This is the ideal basis for printing biodegradable paint;
  • packages are 100% biodegradable;
  • absolute safety for human health and ecology;
  • do not accumulate static electricity;

Biobags have also found application in other manufacturing industries, where they are used for packaging finished products: household appliances, textile and plastic products, etc.

Printing on organic bags

biopaketColor printing on bags allows you to give the package individual features, place the information you need to the consumer and is an excellent way to promote the brand. Printing on film can be used both for advertising campaigns and for packaging of serial products.

The print on the film does not erase over time and does not burn out under the action of direct sunlight, and the use of biodegradable paints makes our products 100% environmentally safe. Development of individual package design can be entrusted to our specialists.

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Organic bags “Novis”

The company “Novis” is the leader of the domestic market and specializes in the production of packaging for all types of products. Manufacturing of biodegradable packages is one of the priority areas of our activity, which allows us to make our contribution to the preservation of the environment and the development of innovative technologies.

In order to buy inexpensively biodegradable bags and order printing on film, you need to contact our manager via the phones listed on the site or leave a request in the “Contacts” section – we will call you back.

The main advantages of cooperation with us:

  • safety of products, confirmed by the State Hygienic Expertise;
  • use of quality ingredients;
  • competitive prices;
  • flexible system of discounts (large wholesale);
  • development of individual design and printing on film;
  • delivery to any region of Eastern Europe: Bucharest, Vienna, Budapest, Warsaw, Prague, Belgrade, Krakow, Lodz, Wroclaw and other cities.