Mulching film

What is a mulching film?

Mulching film

Mulching film is a specialized material used in the process of mulching technology. As is known, this technology is used during the growing of the crop and is a covering by a film of a ground.

The film for mulching the soil allows creating high-quality climatic conditions, allowing to accelerate the process of ripening the crop. Today, this material is produced by many domestic and foreign companies. As a consequence, the quality features of the film also differ from each other. The material is manufactured using modern specialized equipment that meets all standards and quality standards.

Features and Advantages of the Material

Using black film for mulching, it is possible to get rid of the various monetary costs necessary to control weeds. This approach reduces the need for watering the soil, and also provides additional protection for seedlings. In addition, the mulching film allows you to get rid of additional spending on the purchase of specialized tools that are designed to control weeds.

The film reduces the need for watering crops, creates a favorable microclimate and as a result, accelerates the ripening process for several weeks.

Мульчирующая пленка для клубники

Mulching film for strawberries differs by the effect of mirror reflection, due to which the ripening time is accelerated. As a rule, time increases for one week – ten days.

Plenty of mulching strawberries very much. First of all, it must be said that the black film for mulching allows to retain moisture to a considerable extent and as a result, to save time and money on the procedure of growing crops. In addition, with the help of a special material, it is possible to preserve the general structure of the soil, and also to ensure, with maximum efficiency, the protection of plants from harmful insects and chemicals containing poison.

Purchase of a film intended for mulching soil in Ukraine

If you need to buy a cheap film for mulching the soil, which would be quality, then the choice in favor of the company “Novis” is the right solution. It should be noted that the manufacturer offers to order quality materials of this type in bulk and retail, the price of which will be acceptable.

It should be noted that the production of the company complies with all the norms and the quality standard that are imposed on products of this species all over the world.

Among the advantages of buying in the company “Novis” distinguish:

  • Advantageous cost.
  • The possibility of buying large wholesale.
  • A wide range of.
  • Delivery throughout the country.
  • Possibility of getting advice from the manager.

Where to buy mulching film?

Film for mulching

Today, the products of the company “Novis” are available for purchase in most cities of Poland and Eastern Europe (Warsaw, Krakow, Lodz, Wroclaw and other cities). Buying cheap materials of this kind, the process of growing various crops will improve. It should be noted that by contacting the manager by phone, it is possible to find out how much the material costs, as well as to receive an answer to any question that arose and buy a black film for mulching.

This manufacturer proposes to buy films intended for mulching on favorable terms. Therefore, every customer will certainly be satisfied with the purchase.

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