Activated bags for screen printing

What are activated silkscreen bags?

Активированные пакетыActivated bags for screen printing are products that are made from various polymer materials. As the main polymer, most often LDPE polyethylene is used. In the event that the production of this product implies the observance of technological conditions, the produced bags will correspond to such qualitative features as:

1) Elasticity.

2) Strength.

3) Wear resistance.

It should be noted that bags activated for screen printing have much lower cost than those bags for which an image was previously applied. Thus, it is possible to save money for an enterprise for which products of this type are ordered. In addition, in most cases, customers may not wait for the manufacture of these products, as often it is available.

Where are the activated bags used?

LDPE activated bags are used for self-printing company logos, slogans and other information, using the screen printing method. Products of this type are used when the volume for printing is limited.

It should be noted that the products for screen printing have found wide application in many fields of activity. First of all, the universality of this product is due to its quality features: a dense structure, as well as the image stability that was applied.

Where to buy activated LDPE bags in Poland?

The company “Novis” offers the production and sale of materials intended for screen printing. It should be said that for today, the company sells activated bags in bulk, as well as in retail. The cost of this product is acceptable, and the quality features are high.

To order products inexpensively, find out its cost, and also receive an answer to any other question, the customer should be contacted by phone with the company manager. A competent specialist will provide detailed information about the products, as well as offer the most favorable terms of cooperation. Bags for screen printing ordered in the company “Novis”, can be delivered to any city in the country: Warsaw, Krakow, Lodz, Wroclaw and other cities.

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